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Stand by Me Child Care and Enrichment Center is a center-based provider with an experienced, committed staff.  Our area of care is from infancy (six weeks) through age twelve.  We are a center that develops the potential of each individual child within our community by creating a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Our childcare center is a dream fulfilled and inspired by the blessing of our own child.  As parents, we had our own anxieties about finding quality care.  We wanted a place where our child would be loved and cared for, a place where he could learn and create in a safe, nurturing environment.

With this in mind, we understand your need for quality childcare.  Your child will be safe and protected, cared for and loved, encouraged, motivated, taught, rewarded and honored.  

Our philosophy is to create a safe and nurturing environment for the children with activities that encourage the intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth of each child.  We also believe in developmentally appropriate practice.  In this type of classroom the teacher is seldom center stage, the children are the focus and the teacher often plays the role of coach, observer and often asks questions and provides security and comfort when needed.  We also believe in the importance of play.  Children learn best in an environment which allows them to explore, discover and play. 

 Each child is a unique individual and it is our job as teachers to use what we know about each child to help understand their strengths, interests and needs.  This is how we can respond and provide support to individual children.  As educators we must also use our own training and education in child development to help us determine appropriate activities, materials, interactions and experiences that are interesting, safe, healthy and achievable for the children. It is also our job as educators to be knowledgeable of cultural and social contexts of our classrooms, knowing and respecting each family and ensuring that the experiences in our classrooms are meaningful to them and also relevant. 

It is also our goal to be a place in our community where we can share our knowledge with others and help parents and families expand their knowledge of early childhood in an environment where they feel encouraged and supported.  We also acknowledge that the field of early childhood is always changing and it is our goal as educators to grow with these changes as we continue to meet the needs of not only the children in our care, but families, staff and the community around us.

Infants: Because your baby is one of a kind, we do not expect your child to fit into just any rigid schedule.  Your baby’s primary caregiver will meet the needs of your baby’s individual rhythms for sleeping, eating and playing, just as you do at home.  Each child will have a daily chart that you can take home at the end of each day that describes the daily activities, feedings, and play that your baby has engaged in.  As a part of your child’s day we will provide age-appropriate games, toys, music and activities, as well as nurturing, group play, exploration and encouragement that meet the needs of your child.


Toddlers/Preschoolers: As your child finds comfort in certain routines and consistencies they may want to have a more structured day.  We provide activities and enrichments that help your child learn to talk, walk and explore their surroundings.  We will provide your child with many opportunities for play and make the learning and exploring process fun.  Your child will love our monthly themes, daily activities, enrichment and emergent curriculum. 


Pre-kindergarten: Our Pre-kindergarten offers a curriculum that is used in some of the public schools within our area so they can prepare for kindergarten.  Along with language arts and math our program provides group times, center time, specials including: music, science and discovery, nutrition, art, library, etc.  Your child will have plenty of time for hands on learning as well as outdoor time.  Our program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child.


Kindergarten and Before and Afterschool:  As part of our program we provide an engaging before and afterschool program and transportation to and from school for kindergarteners and elementary school students.  Along with fun, enriching activities we will provide breakfast in the morning and snack when they arrive after school and outside playtime and homework help.  A structured full-day kindergarten is also available for students with an enriching language art and math curriculum along with activities including circle time, center play, specials and group music and movement taught by a certified teacher experienced in teaching kindergarten.    

Our facility is an equal opportunity provider.  We accept applications for admission and employment without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, color, creed, physical or mental disability or any other protected status.